1. BRP: Balance Rock Pitch
  2. BS: Balance Sawn
  3. Pol. 1 or P1: One polished surface, top of flat or front of upright
  4. Pol. 2 or P2: Two polished surfaces, front and back of upright
  5. Pol. 3 or P3: Three polished sides, front, back and top
  6. Pol. 5 or P5: All sides polished except for the bottom
  7. Serp Top (Serpentine): Graceful bell shaped curve
  8. LMP (Lawn Mower Proof edge): Slightly sanded edge to prevent chipping
  9. PPD: Preliminary Proof Drawing used to show concept

Top of tablet shaped like a pyramid


Granite that sits under the tablet and above the foundation

Sculpture which projects from surface

Seat with or without back and leg or pedestal supports

Angled and polished edge of monument

Durable alloy used for vases, emblems and markers


Shallow angled cut edge, usually 45° from face to edge

Structure consisting of one or more niches adequate for the interment of cremated remains

Technique whereby granite marker is placed into a mold and then surrounded with concrete producing a 2” – 4” border

Granite or concrete used to define the outline of grave


Vertical part of upright monument; also known as Tablet


Unique design of an object, person, place or thing

Design that symbolizes a group or organization

Deep textured space for lettering and/or design

Written text, usually pertaining to deceased and beliefs


Primary memorial surface containing text and design

Top of monument cut parallel to the ground

Lightly removing the polish to provide contrast

Memorial which is placed flush with the ground

Support structure placed in the ground, flush with the surface. Made from granite or concrete 4” thick,
slightly wider & longer than monument.

Surface created by removing polish to produce a contrasting surface allowing excellent contrast between lettering/design and polished stone. Surface is usually treated with litho to enhance contrast

Drawing made to monument’s exact scale

Engraving added to existing memorial


Triangular shape to top of monument/columbaria

Zinc coated steel used to construct vases to retard rust

Coarse-grained igneous rock made of feldspar, mica and at least 20% quartz.
Substantially more durable than marble


Absolute black granite surface is struck by an artist with diamond tools to create an image that will be as durable as
the stone itself

Stone placed flat upon grave as a memorial (Marker)

Raised marker with beveled face dropping from back to front





Technique using a laser to transfer images to stone

A large flat piece of granite, covering all or part of grave

Special staining which tightly adheres to stone enhancing contrast


Form of limestone much softer than granite not suitable for exterior memorials

Stone placed flat upon grave as a memorial (Headstone)

Structure for full-body entombment of deceased. May also include facilities for cremation inurnment

A physical reminder of someone who has passed

Upright monument with a bench seat

Upright memorial consisting of tablet and base


Enclosure for the interment of cremated remains; part of columbaria

Polished surface is removed but no litho is applied leaving the color and pattern of the stone to show in the background of the design

Bottom 2” of the front face of a slant


Pointed pillar

Top of monument shaped like a small portion of a circle with a 2” drop


Space defined by a border, frequently frosted to enhance contrast

Sanded/polished edging applied to flat markers

Raised marker with beveled face dropping from back to front

Steel rods used to secure monument pieces together

Chipping away of stone to produce a rough surface

High gloss finish of granite

Top band around rock pitched base or pillow that has been ground and polished to a flat surface
usually less than 2” in height

Edge is polished at an angle to produce a gem like appearance but with a curved line instead of a straight line

Surface define by an outline with high gloss left in place

Surface define by an outline with high gloss left in place

Raised flat marker set in concrete at an angle to the ground slopping from back to front

A artistic rendering of a memorial for customer approva



Deep cut made into stone

Figures and/or shapes which project above or below the flat surface

Rough surface produced by chipping away stone

Top of monument shaped with nearly half of a circle.

Transfer of existing engraving to paper used to replicate design and/or text


Defined area void of polish (Frosted Panel)

Unfinished surface resulting from the cutting of stone

Three dimensional work of art

Graceful curved top or side

Granite surrounded by concrete flush to the ground

Shallow carving of figures, flowers and shapes

Front closure of crypt or niche also serves as memorial

Engraving done by lightly removing polished surface

Upright monument with an angled front face

Material applied during the engraving process allowing precise lettering and art inscriptions


Stone sitting on a base forming an upright monument

Gradual narrowing in one dimension


Vertical memorial

Vessel to contain cremated body remains


Engraving cut deep into stone in the shape of a “V”


Polished beveled edge of base to assure water run off




Alloy used to construct metal vases to retard rust/penetration; longer life than galvanize but centuries shorter than bronze