epitaph [ ep-i-taf, -tahf ]


  1. commemorative inscription on a tomb or mortuary monument about the person buried at that site.
  2. a brief poem or other writing in praise of a deceased person.

  • to commemorate in or with an epitaph.

definition courtesy: Dictionary.com

Epitaph 001

And Let There Be No Sorrow; For Remember When The Sun Goes Down, It Returns With A Bright Tomorrow.  So, A Toast To The Past; A Toast To The Future…

Epitaph 002

“A Little While And You Shall See Me No Longer; And Again A Little While And You Shall See Me Because I Go To The Father.” (John 16:16)

Epitaph 004

“Be Thou Faithful Unto Death, And I Will Give Thee The Crown Of Life” (John 2:10)

Epitaph 005

“Behold The Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sin Of The World” (John 1:29)

Epitaph 006

“Blessed Are The Dead Who Die In The Lord Henceforth” (John 14:13)

Epitaph 007

“Blessed Are The Merciful, For They Shall Obtain Mercy” (Matt 5:7)

Epitaph 008

“Blessed Are The Pure At Heart, For They Shall See God” (Matt 5:8)

Epitaph 009

“Come To Me, All You Who Labor And Are Burdened, And I Will Give You Rest” (Matt 11:28)

Epitaph 011

“Death Is Only A Shadow Across The Path To Heaven.”

Epitaph 012

“Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Them” 

Epitaph 013

“Father I Will That Where I Am, They Also Whom Thou Hast Given Me, May Be With Me” (John 17:24)

Epitaph 014

“Father Not My Will But Thine Be Done” (Luke 8:52)

Epitaph 015

“For To The End Christ Died And Rose Again, That He Might Be Lord Both Of The Dead And Of The Living.” (Romans 14:9)

Epitaph 016

“God Is Love, And He Who Abides In Love Abides In God, And God In Him” (John 4:16)

Epitaph 017

“Greater Love Than This No One Has, That One Lay Down His Life For His Friends” (John15:13)

Epitaph 018

“Have Pity On Me, At Least, You, My Friends…””… Because The Hand Of The Lord Hath Touched Me.” (Job 19::25)